Wednesday, August 8, 2018

oh boy!

As a couple who swore we’d have all girls, we were totally surprised by the results of our gender scan. But BOY are we excited! When I was pregnant with Reaves, we opted to be surprised with everyone else, and find out together, in front of the camera.

 This time, we accidentally found out early due to my tendency to ignore fine print disclaimers [long story]. We kept this sweet secret for more than two weeks, even from Reaves. I was so anti-gender reveal this time, truthfully for reasons unknown. Maybe it was because toddler world and pregnancy have me exhausted and totally unmotivated to clean my house. However, Nick was set on having something to celebrate and share the news with our people. He made the argument that what we do for one, we must do for the other. And as a second child myself, I could appreciate his logic. So celebrate we did. We hosted a 

"Bun in the Oven, Burgers on the Grill" 

cookout for our closest family and friends. The amazing Amy Clifton Keely captured the most precious pictures that evening, of course. I tell ya, we are truly blessed by her talent and friendship. Such an added bonus that she's family :) 

I'm pretty sure everyone was convinced we were having a boy. Probably because my pregnancies have been totally different. 

  • With Reaves, I was constantly sick between weeks 5 and 17. I was on four Diclegis per day to help with nausea. With Baby Boy, no sickness whatsoever.
  • With Reaves, I was falling asleep mid-conversation...often, and was dependent on a nap right after work, before dinner. With Baby Boy, I've been tired, but have managed to maintain most of my energy while keeping up with my toddler. 
  • With Reaves, I gained 15 lbs in the first trimester...couldn't wear my rings past week 10...and had the dreaded pregnancy nose by the time of my gender reveal at 20 weeks. With Baby Boy, I haven't gained a single pound. I've maintained my pre-pregnancy weight, and managed to make it to week 14 before opting for my enso wedding band. My nose...well let's just be honest, it's always big. 
  • With Reaves, I craved sweets. Anything with sugar. Anything with carbs. Anything edible. With Baby Boy, I don't have many absurd cravings. The only thing I've really wanted that I had to have was orange juice and [one time], broccoli and eggs (together). 
Naturally, you wonder if it's the opposite gender of your first when your pregnancy is SO different, but back in our minds, we just knew we were going to be an all-girl kind of family. Nick is really good at being a girl dad, and anyone who knows him, knows he loves to dress up just as much as any little girl [he's going to kill me for that]. 

We kept it simple. I need easy. I need effortless. I need minimal stress. No crazy decor. No pricey catering. Just burgers on the grill, beer in the cooler [obvi for everyone else], and our loved ones. Oh and cake...there must always be cake.

Also, my dad is never wrong. He has predicted every gender, correctly, for everyone in and close to our family. He must have some sort of sixth sense. And of course, his spotless ❤record continues - he voted ALL BOY.

God's plans are always so much better than our own. I think blessing us with a boy is just another example of his grace. He knows we can't handle much more sass in our house right now. Looking forward to Baby Boy Keely joining our family in January!

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